The purpose of a CTA (Call to Action) as the name suggests is to generate a response from the prospect to the email (usually a yes). It should be clear and concise. Make sure you’re not asking for too much, keep it as low friction as possible for the prospect. Take permission before sharing anything.

Understand that the prospect might not be super willing to respond to a random email from a random dude. You’d want to build enough credibility through your rest of the body to really make any CTA work. A good CTA is an extension to a good offer.

Call to Actions

Top 5 Mistakes while writing CTA

  1. You don’t have a CTA in the first place - This is surprisingly more common than it seems, especially, newer folks tend to talk more about their offering than caring about the prospect.
  2. You’re asking for too much
  3. You’re asking multiple things
  4. You’re not creating the right urgency
  5. You made it too complicated and wordy